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Cottages suited for your angling, spinning, trolling, netting or even ice-fishing needs!




Kapiainen Holiday Cottages are situated next to the lakes Korpijärvi and Kukasjärvi, which are known for their abundance of fish. Landlocked salmon weighing over 10 kilos have been caught in Korpijärvi by trolling, and in autumn the fishing nets are overflowing with vendace. In springtime carp bream fill the nets in Kukasjärvi, and in summertime you can lean back and relax while catching perch with hook and worm.


Fishing permits
Fishing permits are available for Korpijärvi and Kukasjärvi directly from Kapiainen Holiday Cottages. The maximum number of nets permitted is three. Fishing permits also include the right to fish with rod and reel. A permit is not required for fishing with hook and worm.


Fishing equipment
The following equipment can be rented from Kapiainen Holiday Cottages:

• Rod & hook
• Worms
• Rod & reel
• Net
• Ice fish. rod
• Ice drill
Note: Each cottage comes with its own rowing boat and life vests



Ice fishing for rainbow trout
Mustalammen lohionginta
(approx. 4 km from Kapiainen Holiday Cottages)
A one-day rainbow trout fishing permit for Mustalampi is also available directly from Kapiainen Holiday Cottages. Each year 100 to 150 rainbow trout are restocked in the lake, weighing on average 2 kilos. Mustalampi is situated approximately 4 kilometres from the reception of Kapiainen Holiday Cottages.

The price of a one-day permit is 10 euros, for which you are allowed to catch one rainbow trout. Only one ice fishing rod per permit can be used at a time. Remember to record the number of fish you catch in the notebooks on the shore of the lake. Please keep Mustalampi clean and do not leave litter on the ice.

Fishing on Lake Mustalampi always requires a local fishing permit. The lake is monitored regularly. The fine for fishing without a permit is 50 euros in accordance with the Fishing Act.


Lohipilkki lohi jaalla






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